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WATCH: Katie Welch Sizzles In “Warm It Up” Music Video

WATCH: Katie Welch Sizzles In “Warm It Up” Music Video

Grab an ice cold margarita because it just got really hot in here!

The music scene today can be overwhelming at times. With so much music being thrown at us at every direction with streaming and social media, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you want. But the most refreshing feeling is when you stumble upon a new artist that you actually enjoy and makes your little heart flutter and that’s exactly the feeling this new artist evokes. Take Britney Spears’ stage presence, add Christina Aguilera’s signature powerhouse vocals and throw in a dash of Kylie Minogue’s sex appeal, and you have the delicious blend that is Katie Welch: the pop star you didn’t know you needed.

While, the LA native is no stranger to music, her new single “Warm It Up,” is the perfect invitation to her growing catalogue of work. The music video, which was directed by Wesley Quinn, features the pop star in a back and forth love affair that quickly turns into game of cat and mouse. The moody scenes showcase a night full of passion, tension and sex appeal that are so steamy, they could have easily been stripped right from a telenovela set in Miami.

“The opening line of the second verse “Te amo por ahora pero me voy” means I love you but I’m leaving and that’s just what she does, but he somehow pulls her back each time,” Welch says of the track. “I really wanted to bring a visual to the burst of emotions you feel when you have that instant spark of heat and passion with someone and all the layers that can entail. When you want to flirt but every part of you is trying to hold back and play it cool, using your girlfriends (played by social media star turned mogul Gigi GorgeousHilary Montez & Tiffany Namtu) as a buffer.”

The video also has some serious eye candy for the ladies with Timo, a professional flamenco dancer and recording artist. “He was the only choice to play my love interest. Not only is he just gorgeous to look at but with his dance background, I wanted to express the beautiful soul connection behind that kind of spark, it is like a choreographed dance we do through the universe beyond time and space,” Welch says of her sexy co-star. “In juxtaposition to the physical animalistic attraction that we show us succumbing to in the other scenes.”

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Watch Katie Welch’s new music video for “Warm It Up” and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

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