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Totally Obsessed: Otherland Candles

Totally Obsessed: Otherland Candles

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love me some candles! Some may say it’s an obsession but I like to say it’s a hobby. I love strolling through Home Goods with my Starbucks cup in hand and buying a new candle. There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home, putting on comfy clothes and lighting a new candle. That first smell is so exhilarating and it always just puts me in the best mood.

So, I was very excited when I was asked to try some new candles from Otherland Candles. Otherland is a female-owned candle company started by Abigail Cook Stone. Their candles are known for how meticulously they are put together. The fragrances are tested through countless iterations to find the perfect balance of notes. The wax is a custom soy and coconut blend that makes the ideal smooth-burning base. The candles are also all clean-burning and non-toxic. The best part? The wick is a finely woven cotton and the glass tumbler is made-in-the-USA, which was designed to be reused after burning, which is perfect for makeup brushes and cocktails.

The best way to describe their candles is OMG! Everything from the branding to the packaging is just beautiful crafted. They come beautifully packaged in a high-quality box (we can all appreciate a good quality box right?) complete with coordinating matches and perfectly inset in foam for protection. I mean truly opening this reminding me of when I splurge on a nice makeup product with gorgeous packaging.

Here are some of my favorite candles!

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: why buy a more expensive candle when cheaper options? The answer: Because Otherland candles are not only just nice candles. They truly are an experience.

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