The Sexy Time Playlist


f you don’t already have a playlist to get in the ~mood~ for a sexy evening, consider this your starting guide. To avoid a corny rom-com scene with a curation of “sexy” songs queued up, you can be a little sneaky and name the list in code or something completely random, so when it’s playing it’s not so obvious. For the sake of this story, we did label this one “Sexy Time,” but that part is up to you. Another tip: have it already playing in the background very softly before your partner comes over so you don’t kill the mood by searching for your remote to start the jams.

What made our list? It’s a mix of soft and slow songs (you know, the Frank Ocean classics) and dirty (for adult ears only) beats sure to make you want to get your freak on. Enjoy this steamy song selection the next time you’re ready to dim the lights and drop down to your birthday suit.

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify!


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