EN VOGUE Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary And New Music (Exclusive Interview)

Long before TLC and Destiny’s Child, there was En Vogue; the ladies who changed the history of girl groups and set the bar high with their iconic harmonies, soulful vocals and undeniable stage presence. The ladies sold over 10 million album worldwide and sang some of the most recognizable R&B tracks of the 90’s like “Hold On,” “Don’t Let Go,” “You’re Never Gonna Get It,” and “Free Your Mind.”

Despite a seemingly revolving door of band members, ladies of En Vogue never stopped touring, which is an unusual feat for a group who’ve been together for so long (they met in the late 80s and released their debut album, Born To Sing, in 1990).

The group’s current line up, which features founding members Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron, as well as Rhona Bennett are back (but don’t call it a comeback) in a bigger way than ever before.

And while their beauty has been cemented since their debut, En Vogue’s sound continues to evolve. The release of last year’s Electric Café, their first studio album in 14 years (released via En Vogue Records through Entertainment One Music). The new album’s 11 tracks embrace a wide swath of musical influences from contemporary R&B/hip-hop, soul and funk to pop, rock and electronic dance. Oh, and don’t worry. The ladies’ iconic harmonies are still there and they are still as pristine as ever. Leading the pack is first single “Rocket.” Written by Ne-Yo and produced by Curtis “Sauce” Wilson (DrakeCeline Dion, Ne-Yo). The romantic ballad jetted to No. 13 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs chart last year, showing that En Vogue is here to stay.

I hung out with the ladies of En Vogue before their sold out show with SWV at The Fox Theatre at Foxwoods, in Connecticut. I had seen the ladies at their last show two years ago but this was my first time meeting them, so I was a little nervous to be interviewing them. I mean, they’re literally muscial icons that have paved the way for all future girl groups in the music industry. You know, no big deal! The first thing I noticed about the ladies? Cindy, Terry and Rhona are absolutely gorgeous. They have not aged at all and still look as beautiful as they did when they first made their debut in the 90’s. But, the best thing I about them was how incredibly humble and gracious they are. They walked into our dressing room with big smiles and amazing energy.

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be color blind. Don’t be so shallow.

The day of our interview (May 10th) was Rhona’s Birthday. The ladies joked about how this show was going to have to be special because it was one of the only times they performed on their Birthdays. We started the interview with their beauty secrets. So what is En Vogue’s secret to still looking so gorgeous? Lots of water and beauty sleep. The ladies credit these two things for helping them look as amazing as they do. We also talked about their exciting 30th anniversary, the music industry and how their hit single “Free Your Mind” is still as powerful and relevant as it was in the 90’s. Oh, and we also harmonized together. Yes, I sang with En Vogue and it was AMAZING!

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be colorblind don't be so shallow.

Watch the interview below!

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