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Re-Creating My Favorite Dorit Kemsley Looks From “The Real Housewives”

Re-Creating My Favorite Dorit Kemsley Looks From “The Real Housewives”

She believes in an excess of  everything, except moderation. Dorit Kemsley is more than just a pretty face with a glamorous lifestyle. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is a wife, a supermom and a savvy business woman who is not afraid to take fashion risks. And for this fashionista, they always pay off. The Bravo franchise has many memorable cast members come and go over the years, but Dorit has been my favorite since her debut in season 7 (2017). From her one of a kind accent (don’t come for my girl!), to her larger than life wardrobe and countless hairstyles, there’s so much to love. swimwear company.

Dorit has an effortless way of making fashion trends, both past and present, her own. From colorful neon hues to sexy fishnets, this Real Housewife is wearing everything in a totally modern way. The swimwear designer’s style is fearless and unapologetic and her fashion risks and they always seem to pay off. But, my favorite thing about Dorit’s style is that she makes it look so effortlessly easy, that you think you can also wear it. So, I thought what better way to pay homage to my favorite Real Housewife, than to emulate my favorite Dorit looks and transform them into menswear looks.

There are SO MANY looks to choose from when it comes to Dorit. So, I tried to pick the ones that I thought I could make work the best for me and my style. For my first #DoItLikeDorit look, I chose to re-do her amazing green Gucci look from the ladies’ girls trip to Amsterdam last season. It was one of my favorite looks so I was really excited to make this a menswear look because it’s an outfit that I would actually wear out. I paired this Gucci t-shirt ($480) with these fun green sequined tuxedo pants from ASOS ($25). I love that these two pieces go so well together. I topped off the look with a gold chain necklace from Boohoo ($4). Oh, and a glass of champagne. Okay, maybe a whole bottle. I decided to ditch the fur coat and the belt bag because I wanted to keep this as a classic menswear look.

This second look is one of my favorites! We went with Dorit’s daytime casual look from Kyle Richards’ pool party.I was in Miami when we did this photoshoot and I loved that I could wear this outfit right out of the shoot and it could easily be a fun daytime look for lunch on the beach. Let’s just talk about the FABULOUS blue Dior sun visor,($399) honey! I paired this white ASOS button up shirt ($25) with bright blue pants from ASOS skinny blue chinos ($25).

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