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Rain Or Shine! My Favorite Clean Sunscreens

Rain Or Shine! My Favorite Clean Sunscreens

If you know me, you know that I love a good tan! But while I love to get some color when I’m out in the sun, I also love to make sure that I’m taking care of my skin.

Finding the right sunscreen took some work. According to the EWG, a lot of “regular” sunscreens contain a lot of harmful ingredients, like oxybenzone, which can act as hormone disruptors and are a form of synthetic estrogen. We use sunscreen to avoid the detrimental effects of UV rays, so we’re not looking to have the ingredients in our SPFs harm us too.

While chemical sunscreens still run the aisle of common drugstores, each year we’re seeing more brands embrace the importance of clean formulas, particularly in sun care. And let’s be real: as much as we love using clean products, who has the time to actually research a bunch of different products.

Check out some of my favorite sunscreens that you can use daily, rain or shine!

NEUTROGENA SheerZinc Face Sunscreen


The zinc oxide face sunscreen is easy to apply and effective at preventing sunburn. It’s a great value and the silky smooth formula means you can wear it under your foundation —testers found it didn’t interfere with their makeup application. Like many mineral sunscreens, it might leave a bit of a white cast at first while it soaks in so it may be better-suited for fairer skin tones.

AUSTRALIAN GOLD Botanical Sunscreen


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Australian Gold uses a both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to shield skin from the sun. This sunscreen offers a grease-free finish and strongly protects against UV rays. Not only does it actually smell good (95 % of testers agreed it had a pleasant scent), but it also scored perfectly for preventing sunburn and near the top for not being oily or irritating and for its “smooth” feel.

BARE REPUBLIC Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion


Testers gave this sunscreen a perfect score for being gentle on skin. They also said that it left skin matte and didn’t feel sticky after application. It’s only water resistant for up to 40 minutes, so if you’ll be in the water at all, plan on re-applying liberally. This is another emulsion formula, so you need to shake it before applying, or else you’ll get a non-uniform liquid. 

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