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My Favorite Bronzers For A Natural Sun-Kissed Glow

My Favorite Bronzers For A Natural Sun-Kissed Glow

Summer is here! It’s the season of beach getaways, cute bathing suits and of course a sexy summer tan! But sometimes getting some beach time under the sun can be hard with a busy schedule so I rely on my trusty backup: a good bronzer. A sweep of bronzer is the easiest way to achieve that coveted sun-kissed glow without having to be out in the sun. You know, because sunburn is so not hot.

A quick sweep of your favorite bronzer across your forehead, cheekbones and along your collarbone can make a world of difference to skin that’s looking a little lackluster. Picking the perfect bronzer can be tricky but once you find one that you love, you’re good to go. You want to find the right shade that will make you look tan but not orange. Because looking like a Flaming Hot Cheeto is not the look. When picking a bronzer, I like to go with a shade that has a more natural looking finish.


Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of amazing makeup artists and I’ve pretty much used every bronzer under the sun (no pun intended). The most important thing to start with when picking a new bronzer is knowing what works with your natural skin color and knowing how dark you’re going to get in the summer. For me, I naturally have an olive skin tone so I try to avoid anything with too much red or orange undertones because they make my skin look chalky. So, I tend to go for bronzers that have more natural tan tones and shades of brown because they look the best on my skin.

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