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Music Memories: What Happened To Eden’s Crush?

Music Memories: What Happened To Eden’s Crush?

With The Pussycat Dolls making their big comeback, I couldn’t help but wonder about Nicole Scherzinger’s first dive into music.

Before there was PCD, there was Eden’s Crush. The girl group created in 2001 on The CW’s Making The Band-style reality show, Popstars. The show was an American re-boot of the UK series by the same name was famous for creating one of the best-selling girl groups across the pond, Girls Aloud.

The show let us watch the ultimate forgotten girl band of the early 2000’s get put together before they tried to take the pop music scene by storm. At the turn of the millennium, everything was in place for pop star super stardom for this group of showbiz hopefuls. Popstars assembled Nicole Scherzinger, Rosanna Tavarez, Ivette Sosa, Anna Maria Lombo, and Maile Misajon into a five-pronged bubblegum pop group at the height of the modern girl group era.

We saw them effortlessly dance around in metallic butterfly tops and leather bottoms (so good!) in the “Get Over Yourself” music video and even climbed to #8 on The Billboard Hot 100, which is a pretty impressive feat for a first single. Following the success of their debut, the ladies appeared on a handful of dates as the opening acts for *NSYNC’s Pop Odyssey Tour and Jessica Simpson’s DreamChaser Tour.

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But ultimately, we watched every single one of them (aside from Nicole) fade into obscurity in 2003 when their record company London-Sire records folded and the group disbanded. It seemed that just as quickly as they had risen to fame, people forgot about them.

Eden’s Crush walked so The Pussycat Dolls could run!

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