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Kylie Jenner Just Wore A Pair Of $15,000 Jeans In Quarantine

Kylie Jenner Just Wore A Pair Of $15,000 Jeans In Quarantine


We all have our quarantine uniforms? For most of us it consists of comfy t-shirts and sweats but not if you’re Kylie Jenner. The billionaire Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is out here actually giving AF and looking fabulous while doing so.

Kylie just stepped out in a pair of jeans, but not just any pair of jeans. Apparently, Kylie’s pants cost around $15,000. I repeat: Kylie Jenner just wore a pair of $15k jeans in quarantine. In case you were wondering what a pair of $15K jeans look like: They’re orange and they have black crosses.

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If you were just looking for a pair of rich jeans, you’re in luck! According to @kyliejennercloset, Kylie’s wearing the Cross Patch Denim Pants from Chrome Hearts Official. And if you can’t afford Kylie’s jeans, her bikini top (which is around $380 from Alyx Studio) is slightly more affordable.

I’ll just be over here in my sweats from H&M if anyone needs me.


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