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INTERVIEW: Willie Gomez Opens Up About Working With Britney, J Lo And Launching His Solo Career

INTERVIEW: Willie Gomez Opens Up About Working With Britney, J Lo And Launching His Solo Career

Willie Gomez has found his place out of the background and into the spotlight. For over a decade, the 30-year-old devoted his time on stage, dancing next to some of the biggest entertainers, including,  Jennifer Lopez ,  Christina Aguilera  and the Princess of Pop (and his pal)  Britney Spears . Now, it’s his time to live out his dreams singing. “It’s amazing that I’m able to now focus on something that I really wanted to do for a long time,” he tells us. “I’m recording my album and writing a ton of material for it.”

Willie decided that it was time to put himself out there by the best way, social media – performing his own songs as well as covers of Sebastian Yatra. “I started doing all these covers and uploading all of that stuff to social media,” he shares. “I feel like nowadays, it’s the way you put yourself out there and get heard and seen.”

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At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Willie found another way to show his talents to the world. With the support of Live Nation, he was able to perform in their first ever virtual world tour. “I feel like where we are right now,” everyone is trying to find ways to keep moving forward.” In this edition of  New, Now, Latinx , Willie talks to us about his decision to leave the world of dance behind, what he’s bringing to the world of Latin pop, and what it means to get a musical blessing from Britney Spears.


The singer/dancer lit up as he talked about working with Britney. He praised her work ethic and also said that she is very “sweet and normal” compared to other celebrities. He also shared fun memories working with her on her Circus Tour and the time Britney invited him to the dance studio to practice dancing to latin music. Watch the full interview with Willie below!

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