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Doll Domination: Pussycat Doll JESSICA SUTTA Talks Reunion Tour & Feud Rumors

Doll Domination: Pussycat Doll JESSICA SUTTA Talks Reunion Tour & Feud Rumors

When Robin Antin created the Pussycat Dolls in 1995, she likely hadn’t envisioned that the group (which started off as a burlesque ensemble) would evolve into a pop phenomenon. The captivating group of talented women danced their way (hair flips and all) to the top of the charts and would go on to sell over 54 million albums worldwide, cementing their place in music history as one of the most successful girl groups of all time.

The group, which originally started off with six members: Nicole ScherzingerJessica SuttaAshley RobertsKimberly WyattMelody Thornton and Carmit Bachar, wasted no time after signing with Interscope Geffen A&M Records. After dropping their debut LP PCD in 2005, the ladies delivered hit after hit after hit, and even four Top 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with “Buttons,” “When I Grow Up,” “Don’t Cha” and “Stickwitu,” with the latter scoring the group a Grammy nomination in 2007 for best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals.

The Pussycat Dolls

Then, the breakup happened. In 2010, shortly after the release of their sophomore album Doll Domination, the group was bombarded with feud and breakup rumors and then announced a split. Luckily for us PCD fans, the split was more of a “see you later” than a “goodbye.” Fast forward to almost a decade later and five of the Dolls are back. The ladies (minus Melody, who chose to focus on her solo endeavors amidst past rumors of group tension) made a triumphant return to the stage on  took The UK’s The X Factor: Celebrity last November.

The group performed a medley of some of their biggest hits, including “Buttons,” “Don’t Cha” and “When I Grow Up” and also previewed a snippet of their comeback single, the dancefloor-ready “React.” (The video of their performance also has over 12 million views on YouTube) The ladies of PCD finished the powerhouse performance by being doused in water as they posed on chairs. Why? Because they’re The Pussycat Dolls and they can. That’s why.

“It’s an important time for women. Women are breaking the barriers and walls down of what society trapped us in for years. And it’s important for women to stand together as a sisterhood and love and support each other.”

Following their sizzling hot performance, the ladies of PCD announced their upcoming reunion tour (The Unfinished Business Reunion Tour), which will kick off in Dublin, Ireland this October.


I caught up with the super gorgeous Jessica Sutta to chat about all things PCD. The singer opens up about reuniting with the group, those feud rumors and also gives us some hints about upcoming reunion tour. Check it out below!

Hello Jessica! How are you doing during this quarantine craziness?

I’m secretly loving it because I’ve truly become an introvert over the years and I love to sleep in! However, I’m staying as creative and motivated during this time of isolation.

A lot of my friends that are in this industry are saying that this is a great time to be creative while we’re stuck at home. How do you keep the creative juices flowing?

I keep my creative juices flowing by keeping my mind active and occupied with creativity whether it be cooking, painting, learning a new Tik Tok dance, watching documentaries, writing music or listening to guided meditations. I dedicate time everyday to work on my voice so I FaceTime my voice coach and do lessons virtually. I also do work outs with weights and bands at the house. Staying active is important to keep the juices flowing!

Okay, so we NEED to talk about the Pussycat Dolls getting back together! I have literally been waiting for this moment since you and the ladies decided to press the pause button a few years ago.

Yes, it’s been in the making for years but it’s all about divine timing.

How did the reunion come together?

Robin Antin, the creator of The Pussycat Dolls, truly spear headed the reunion to happen. She connected us all together and finally, after a couple years, all of the stars aligned and it finally came into fruition.

What was it like seeing the other ladies for the first time again?

It was amazing to see the girls again. I love them so much. We started to rehearse and all the choreography started to come back and it was truly nostalgic. Honestly, it felt like no time had passed at all.

Your performance on The X Factor was amazing. It looked like you picked up right where you left off without missing a beat.

Thank you so much! We had only five days of rehearsals for X Factor with so many different elements that were new to us. One of them being the death drop. I am so completely afraid of heights but I had to fight that fear and conquer it because we had limited time. As it it turns out, it was one of my favorite moments of the performance and it was truly an exhilarating experience. It truly felt powerful to be on stage with my girls again.


There always seems to be media fueled gossip when it comes to female artists, especially in girl groups. Why do you think the women in this industry seem to get it more than the men?

The media always wants to pit girl bands against each other. That’s always a common question that we get. “Do you get along? Are there cat fights?’” It’s like they want the drama. I’m not sure why the media goes against women and not men when it comes down to this topic. I guess it’s the way media still poorly depicts women. It perpetrates a narrative that we’re all just catty girls. All I know is, women need to be celebrated and continued to be supported and raised up as opposed to the media creating negativity and bringing people down. It’s an important time for women. Women are breaking the barriers and walls down of what society trapped us in for years. And it’s important for women to stand together as a sisterhood and love and support each other.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about PCD?

I guess the biggest misconception is that we are just back up dancers. However, we just released an acoustic version of “React” with just us and a piano. That dissolves that misconception right up. My band is full of incredibly talented and fierce women. There’s no misconception of that.

Okay so the “React” video! Can we please talk about how insanely amazing and sexy the music video is!

Thank you! It was one of the hardest shoots I have ever done. We shot it in 17 hours. There was a lot of set ups with different elements like wind, fire and water with lots of new and challenging choreography. We worked so hard and I love the way the video turned out.

I need to know how you manage to still look beautiful while soaking wet. Because I look like a wet rat.

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Actually, I looked like a wet rat as well. (laughs) The key is waterproof make up. However, by the end of that shoot my fake lashes were off floating somewhere in the distance and my hair was a rats nest.

I think it’s safe to say that PCD was everyone little gay boy’s fantasy brought to life. I remember being “straight” in high school doing the choreography to “Buttons” in my garage. Did you ever think you would make such an impact on the LGBTQ community?

Growing up the majority of my friends were gay. I watched them struggle coming out to their parents. Even some were physically abused by their parents because of it. It hurt and effected me deeply so gay rights became my mission. The LGBTQ+ community means so much to me and it’s an honor and huge blessing to have such an impact on such a beautiful and strong community. Also, I love all the videos that the LGBTQ+ fans post. It’s the biggest compliment to have a drag queen dress and perform as you. You know you’ve made it as an artist when this happens.

What can you tell me about the new music and the tour?

I am so excited for our new tour! The show is gonna be gonna be an hour and a half of all our hits mixed in with solo performances of all the girls. Expect high energy, beautiful costumes, explosive dancing and nostalgia all around. It will be like you were still in high school dancing in your garage to “Buttons!”


I know like most artists in this crazy time, the tour was postponed a bit. Does that give you some more time to prepare and come up with even more new ideas?

Absolutely. It gives us time to create the show of our dreams. It feels good to not create art on a time crunch.

There are so many fans, myself included, that are dying for an American tour. Do you think there’s a chance you will tour the US as well?

Yes, there are definitely plans to tour The US. Follow us on social media and keep in touch with us. Hopefully we will be scheduling something soon!


Let’s talk beauty. You literally just the same, if not better then when you made your debut with the first PCD album. How has your makeup style evolved?

That is so sweet. Thank you for saying that. Honestly, I wear less make up now a days. I let my skin breathe. On normal days, I like to put on a light foundation with some bronzer, peach blush and a black noir mascara that gives your lashes volume and length. I also like to do a cat eye wing when I want more eye make up. When it comes to performing and photo shoots, I love a makeup artist that makes your skin look fresh and glow. I don’t like dark shadow anymore on me. I’d rather go with a light lid and brown contour with a beautiful fluffy lash to open up my eyes.

What are your go-to beauty products? Are there any that you recommend?

I am obsessed with my make up remover called Re-Turn. It’s a cleansing balm and I use these micro fiber wash cloths that literally wipe all your make up off with out hurting or tearing your skin. Then I use Le Mer as my moisturizer.

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