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DEBORAH COX Opens Up About Starring In “The Bodyguard” Musical And Whitney Houston

DEBORAH COX Opens Up About Starring In “The Bodyguard” Musical And Whitney Houston

Remember that feeling you got when you first heard one of your favorite songs or watched one of your favorite movies? It’s nostalgia at its finest. And while some Hollywood remakes miss the mark, the broadway version of the classic 1992 breakout romantic thriller The Bodyguard, brings the magic back like the first time.

The film, which catapulted the late Whitney Houston into super stardom alongside Kevin Costner, is getting rebooted in the most creative way, a musical.

The stage adaption stays true to the movie’s original foundation, but with a modernized twist, including some of Whitney’s iconic singles, including “I Will Always Love You,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Greatest Love of All.” The musical is a delicious mix of songs, lust, suspense, dancing numbers and shimmering outfits that bring the movie to life. From London to the United States, The Bodyguard: The Musical is taking stages by storm, one moment in time.

Whitney was hands down one of the most iconic vocalists of all time so not just anybody could fill her shoes as the film’s badass female lead, Rachel Marron. But if there’s one artist who can do it, it’s Deborah Cox. Extremely youthful, poised and classic, Cox is a seasoned diva, especially to her fans who first fell in love with her raw, commanding vocals in her breakout hit, “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here” in the early 1990s.

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I sat up with the R&B diva before one of her many sold out shows at the historic Bushnell Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. Deborah greeted me backstage with a big, warm hug. Dressed in a long sleeved black blouse and high waisted checkered pants, the Grammy nominated singer showed me around her dressing room, which was fit for a queen or a diva. The counters were filled with fresh flowers and the gorgeous costumes from the show hung in the back of the room on a giant clothing rack while they sparkled in the lights.

We chatted about the musical, working with Whitney Houston and her love for her LGBTQ fans, Watch my interview with Deborah Cox above!

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