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Britney Spears To Release A Deluxe Edition Of “Glory” On Vinyl

Britney Spears To Release A Deluxe Edition Of “Glory” On Vinyl

It looks like we’re getting even more new music from Britney Spears. The pop star’s label RCA is releasing a Deluxe edition of her last album, Glory on December 4th. 

According to El Corte Inglés (a Spanish music store), the tracklist of the re-release includes the original songs from Glory, “Mood Ring,” remixes of “Mood Ring,” new song “Swimming In The Stars” and another new song titled “Matches.”

Oh and it gets even more exciting! “Matches” is rumored to feature none other than the Backstreet Boys. Can you imagine the delicious slice of pop amazingness if this collab is real?

Check out the rumored tracklist below!

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Glory Deluxe tracklist:

  1. Invitation
  2. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  3. Make Me.
  4. Private Show
  5. Man On The Moon
  6. Just Luv Me
  7. Clumsy
  8. Slumber Party
  9. Just Like Me
  10. Loe Me Down
  11. Hard To Forget Ya
  12. What You Need
  13. Better
  14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
  15. Liar
  16. If I’m Dancing
  17. Coupure Êlectrique
  18. Mood Ring
  19. Swimming In The Stars
  20. Matches
  21. Mood Ring (By Demand)
  22. Mood Ring (By Demand)
  23. Mood Ring (By Demand)

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