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Brandy And Monica’s Verzuz Battle Was The 90’s Nostalgia We Didn’t Know We Needed

Brandy And Monica’s Verzuz Battle Was The 90’s Nostalgia We Didn’t Know We Needed

Aug. 31 was the night that every 90’s R&B music fan has been waiting for: the night Brandy and Monica reunited for the first time in eight years. The R&B superstars blessed their fans with a rundown of their iconic discographies for latest Verzuz Battle. The streaming special featured the singers reminiscing about their careers in the music industry and addressed the feud rumors that just wouldn’t go away when they were both rising stars.

Image Source: Getty / Ron Wolfson

This Verzuz Battle wasn’t just two artists battling it out to see who’s catalogue was more superior. This was a time machine to a much simpler time with the soundtrack of our lives. I remember singing these songs about love and heartbreak was I was very young. Sure, I couldn’t know what those emotions actually felt like because I hadn’t actually experienced them yet, but I still felt their emotions. And that is what makes their music so magical. The Instagram Live event was three hours of jamming with other fans who although I don’t personally know, but shared the connection of these two musicians with.


So who won the Verzuz Battle? We, the fans won. While many have their thoughts on who “won” the music battle, I’ll say that the true winners were all of us because got to see two talented black women break down the stories behind some of their biggest hits in R&B history. And they’re still breaking records. The Verzuz Battle helped them break a record with over 1.2 million people tuning in to watch them.

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