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Ava Max Reveals “Heaven & Hell” Album Cover And Track-List

Ava Max Reveals “Heaven & Hell” Album Cover And Track-List

Following the success of her breakout single “Sweet but Psycho,” Ava Max has just announced the release date of her debut album! Titled Heaven & Hell, the 15 track LP includes her previously released singles like “Kings & Queens,” “Torn,” “So Am I,” and her latest single, “Who’s Laughing Now,” will be released on on September 18th!

With each new track, Max shows us that she has a knack for catchy pop melodies and an undeniable star power. According to her recent music videos, the album is split into two sides: Side A representing Heaven and Side B representing Hell. “Who’s Laughing Now” falls into the Hell side of the album, as Max laughs in the faces of those who have wronged her.

Check out Heaven & Hell when it drops on September 18th!

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