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Aly & AJ Return With New Single “Joan Of Arc On The Dance Floor”

Aly & AJ Return With New Single “Joan Of Arc On The Dance Floor”

Aly & AJ are back and taking us straight to the dance floor with their new single, “Joan of Arc on the Dancefloor.” The new single picks up where their Ten Years and Sanctuary EPs left off less than a year ago and follows their new sound of electro pop dance music . Now, ladies are gearing up to release their next full-length album (their first studio album since their pop rock album Insomniatic) in over 13 years.

Since making a comeback Aly & AJ have been doing it all on their own. They are independent artists, not under any label. They have been working extremely hard since returning in 2017 and this is just the beginning for them. We can’t wait to hear what they release next.


The “Schooled” star, AJ Michalka, revealed that they miss playing live shows for their fans and because they can’t at the moment, they are planning a Livestream this month. It will occur on May 28th through the 29th for 12 hours and will support the COVID-19 relief fund.

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The sister duo was in the midst of recording their new album when they had to stop due to the quarantine orders.


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