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Aly & AJ Are Giving Us An Explicit Version Of “Potential Breakup Song”

Aly & AJ Are Giving Us An Explicit Version Of “Potential Breakup Song”

Aly & AJ are back with a festive gift for their fans! The pop duo announced today (December 22nd) on social media that they’ll be releasing a new version of their 2007 hit song “Potential Breakup Song” on December 29th. The best part? This new version is going to be an unfiltered, explicit take on the classic song.

They singers released a short preview of them singing the new version of their break up anthem, only this time, pushing the angst with R-rated lyrics, “So you better think clearly, clearly / Before you nearly, nearly/F— up the situation that you’re gonna miss dearly, dearly.

As with many trends, fashions, songs, and moves clawing their way back to the zeitgeist, “Potential Breakup Song” found a new life in 2020 through a viral TikTok trend where users flaunted glamorous outfits & on-fleek lifestyles, and pretended to dismiss a boyfriend who didn’t value them enough to song’s first verse.

Aly Michalka told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s funny, even hearing ‘TikTok fame’ is hilarious, because the song is quite old, and it had its day in the sun. And it’s just funny that now this younger generation has no idea what the song is and who the artist is necessarily.” 

Banking on the popularity of their TikTok song, the sibling duo announced their first album in 13 years through the platform. Aly added, “We always wanted to join TikTok and really never knew how, so this is a perfect excuse to finally start our own page on the platform. So hopefully if we keep up with good ideas, we’ll try to post a TikTok once every week or two.”

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When asked why they think the song has found a new life, Aly commented, “I don’t know, I think maybe the lyrics are kind of cheeky and the repetition of saying, ‘It took too long, it took too long, it took too long’ – I think it’s one of those little earworm moments that just happen. And we’re happy that the song is getting this bizarre second life in 2020.”

AJ explained how part of this is due to nostalgia, “people are falling back now on nostalgia and memory and it was a year where a lot of people didn’t feel safe, and listening to old music or watching an old movie was a comfort. And it was one of those things where it’s like, Yeah, ‘Potential Breakup Song’ — let’s break up with Trump.”

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