So, who am I and what is this website about? My name is Peter Panos and and 2009, I created my very first website with two of my best friends. Dean-Kelly was a little entertainment blog that started off as a hobby but quickly turned into a true labour of love. With social media just beginning to flourish at that time, we hit the ground running as we traveled the country interviewing any celebrity that would sit down with us. We put together some amazing video content that still makes me smile today.

Eventually, I wanted to branch out and create my own website that was just my vision and created Gingerposh. Much like my blog, I have grown and changed over the years and so has my style. I pour my heart onto the pages of this blog and in my videos. This website is a mix of all of my favorite things blended into one place and I am so happy to be sharing it with you! I have always wanted to create a space that was my own.

Flash forward to today, I’m humbled to have worked with and to have interviewed some amazing talent like Giuliana RancicDemi Lovato and Ashley Tisdale. I have also been lucky enough to have some of my work be featured on websites and in magazine from all over the world like CosmopolitanGlamour and Marie Claire.

Today you will find my weekly posts here on the blog and videos on my Instagram page and on my Youtube channel. For all inquiries, contact: thepeterpanos@gmail.com

Peter Panos