Normani Wants More Inclusivity: “Who Does Pop Music Have To Be So White”

OMG, Normani, you can’t just ask someone why they’re white! When Normani had race in mind when she created the “Motivation” music video. The singer opened up about wanting to spread an important message to the world of pop music.

“I told the director, ‘I want this to be as black as possible,’” Normani tells Cosmopolitan. “I was like, let’s show black culture.”

The music video opens up with a younger version of Normani watching 106 & Park on BET, something she says she did on weekends back in the day. The music video also features nods to black pop icons she looks up to, like Beyoncé and Ciara, but it also also included icons like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. “Why does pop music have to be so white?” the former Fifth Harmony member asked. “Why don’t we make it a little bit more me?”

While race can be a touchy subject, Normani does make a valid point. It is something the music industry still struggles to answer. For example, when the Grammys announced nominations earlier this month, people noted that the majority of musicians who were nominated were white. “I’m gonna make whatever I do black,” she continued. “You’ll know that I’m a black girl, even if it’s on the quote unquote whitest record ever.”


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Normani Wants More Inclusivity: “Who Does Pop Music Have To Be So White”