The big 30! Today is my Birthday (if you couldn’t tell from the gratuitous Instagram posts of me wearing a Birthday crown) and for the first time in God knows how many years, I can honestly say that I feel good.

Turning 30 had me feeling slightly strange at first. You know, it’s weird to not say that you’re “twenty something” anymore after a decade of being in your 20’s.

With every year, I feel like I know a little more about myself. Knowing yourself also comes with some new confidence and while being more confident in myself is something that I work on improving every day, I can say that I feel more confident now than I did in my 20’s. I remember oh-so-well, how painfully insecure I was just a few years ago. In life, friends will betray you, boys will break your heart but all of these things are life lessons, preparing you for the strength you’ll need to live a truly wonderful life. I’ve learned to remember that it’s not about what other think about you. It’s about what you think about yourself.

I wake up every day and tell myself one thing that I’m thankful for or that I love about myself. I remember to celebrate myself for my accomplishments and not dwell in my let downs. This daily affirmation not only helped me grow a thicker skin (which I think is a necessity when you’re putting your life on display on social media) but now it’s difficult for those who set out to ruin your day and try to bring you down.

I’ve learned my self worth. I’ve learned that the smallest things are what mean the most to me. You only realise how far you’ve come, when look back at the footprints you’ve left behind.

Now, let’s get to the Birthday LEWKS, honey! This year, I wanted to wear something sexy but still fun. I chose this sparkly see-through long sleeved top (ASOS) and a pair of black skinny jeans (ASOS).

I picked this GORGEOUS black suede blazer (BALMAIN) for two reasons: It’s gorgeous and it’s BALMAIN (I mean, HELLO!) and because it’s cold as balls in New York in January. I topped off the look with a fun rose gold crown (AMAZON) because I think that everyone should feel like royalty on their Birthday!